Friday, August 14, 2009

You Do Love Us

You Do Love Us.

We are humbled by your love. We thrive on it.

Your love is what lets us do what we do.
It counsels patience and anticipation for our products. We can tell our investors that they can count on that love.

Your loyalty makes our jobs easier.
We can take an idea and grow it into products in all industries that we can count on you to buy.

Your faith lets us spend the time it takes to do our work.
As we design your next passion, your anticipation gives us leave to do our best.

Our work benefits you, and educates us.
With each customer contact, we glean more information to guide our path forward.

You should not ever act to deny that love.
Our relationship is powered by it. You gain worth by it.

You should let perceived slights pass.
We are large, but strive to listen to your needs.

We are your most reliable source of love.
We only exist to be loved by you. This is our only agenda.